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Puffy Handpaws- MADE TO ORDER

PLEASE BE AWARE, This item is made to order and has a 8-12 week turnaroud time not including shipping. 


You are looking at a pair of custom made puffy handpaws!! These handpaws are custom made to order, please be aware that they take roughly 8-12 weeks to construct and ship!


My handpaws are made using Kloofsuits pattern, they are a universal fit(if you have very large hands let me know and I can accomodate). They feature removable finger pillows for easy washing and drying and lined cuffs. They are also machine washable!


Fabric claws or no claws come included.



3D printed plastic claws are available for $40. Available in two shapes, standard and feline. 3D printed claws can be added on here:


Available pawpad styes: Standard(rounded) and Feline


Finger escapes: invisible finger escapes along the finger/palm seams. Great for using phones, room keys or game controllers in suit! Available on every finger or just two per hand for the wearers thumbs and pointer fingers. Finger escapes can be added to your handpaws here:


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Spot clean with stain remover if you only want to wash a small section. When machine washing these was in cold on regular or delicate. DO NOT MACHINE DRY. Excessive heat will damage the fur. I recommend wringing excess water out, brush the fur smooth then dry in front of a fan.


Color charts can be found above. Color may vary slightly due to screen settings and/or dye lots. I will try my best to match it to the picture though! I use short Seal/Beaver fur for the fingers. The wrist portions can be made out of short/seal, medium/teddy, or long/shag depending on your preference.


 If you are trying to match these feet to an existing suit and are unsure if the fur is a match contact me first and I can help find a match!



Puffy Handpaws- MADE TO ORDER


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