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Commission Terms & Conditions

Please be sure to read my TOS in its entirety before placing or inquiring about a custom order!

General Policies

-Must be 18+ to place a custom fursuit order with us. Proof of age required (photo of government issued ID, you may cover ID number and/or address if preferred as long as full name and date of birth is visible

-We do not accept orders for licensed or copyrighted characters

-A 2-3 view DIGITAL reference sheet of your original character is required for all custom fursuit orders. The only exception is for Artistic Liberty projects. Artistic liberty projects are ones where we design you a character/suit, these can be 100% mysteries or we can work off of a few key details(examples include, preferred species, color(s), or themes)

-A Duct Tape Dummy is required for all fullsuit/bodysuit orders! This ensures a proper fitted suit. All other parts(Head, hands, feet, tail, sleeves) can be constructed off of measurements. Instructions for those will be given before work begins. 

-ALLERGY WARNING: I do own pets that have access to my studio! I work hard to keep them away from my work and off of any fur/fabric but please be aware that I do own cats and dogs. If you are allergic please contact me and I will take extra precautions to keep them away from your items. 


-Financing available via For details or to apply for a line of credit check out their website, contact me if you have any issues or questions about this process. Information and details about Affirm can be found here:
-Payments accepted: paypal, square. Debit and credit cards can be used via paypal and square invoices
-Payment plans available on request
-Minimum 30% non-refundable deposit due upfront to hold slot and purchase materials
-Monthly or biweekly options availble for payment plans, contact us to discuss details


-If you would like to cancel your order please be aware that the initial 30% deposit is non-refundable as it is used to purchase materials. A full refund is not available on finished projects. 

-Cancelled orders are subject to repurposing and resale. Changes to the character design will be made if necessary

-If I cancel an order a full refund will be issued, including the 30% deposit. This is only if I must cancel an order and not if a client requests. 

Shipping Policies

-Client is responsible for all shipping and customs fees

-Shipping for custom fursuits is charged UPON COMPLETION. Due to frequent changes in shipping rates we do not charge shipping on fursuits until after an order is complete and we have an accurate size/weight for the final package. 

-WE WILL NOT FALSIFY SHIPPING DOCUMENTS. In the past folks have requested that we mark shipments as 'gift' or not accurately record the value of a shipment. This is a federal offense and we will not falsify shipping documents. 

Turnaround Times/Deadlines

-Please be aware that I no longer accept hard deadlines. I will always try my best to accommodate requested deadlines but I can no longer guarantee hard convention deadlines. I have in the past and I feel it has been harmful to the final products as well as my physical health.

-Estimated completion times will be given based on individual projects and my current workload. The average wait time for suits is 8-12 months currenty. 

Repairs and Warranty

-All suits and custom orders include a 90-day warranty. If there is an issue with your item simply ship it back and repairs/alterations will be made. Client is responsible for shipping fees but repairs/alterations will be free of charge. 

-After the initial 90-day warranty repairs/alterations are subject to fees on a case-by-case basis depending on the work that needs to be done. 

-PLEASE WASH ALL ITEMS BEFORE RETURNING FOR REPAIRS! If an item as been worn please make sure to properly wash it before returning! It is unpleasant and unhygienic to receive sweatsoaked, unwashed fursuit parts so please make sure to properly clean things before returning them for repairs or alterations. Care instructions can be found on my page for folks who are unsure how to do this. Any items received that are not cleaned may be subject to a cleaning fee based on the severity. 

-If there are minor repairs(such as a popped seam) needed but you do not wish to ship the item back please contact me and I can send tutorials or walk you through how to repair it yourself! 

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