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Puppy dog fursuit costume cosplay
Caribou Reindeer costume cosplay fursuit

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to commission you?

I do not accept commissions from anyone under the age of 18.


Why don't you take commissions from minors?

Minors legally can't enter into a contract, which a commission is. 


How much does a suit cost?

That is a VERY hard question to answer, prices vary greatly depending on complexity of you character, the suit type(head, partial, full,ect) and any other features you want included. Please take a look at our price guide for a general price idea and contact us for a quote if/when we're open!


Can I get a quote?

Quotes open 2 weeks prior to each scheduled opening. Keep an eye on our home page and our social media accounts for announcements on when we plan to open for quotes/commissions!


Do I need a DTD?

We require a Duct Tape Dummy for ALL fullsuit commissions.


Do I need concept art?

Yes! We require concept art for all custom commissions with the exception of Artistic Freedom projects in which you allow us to create the character/design entirely. We require concept art to have a MINIMUM of 2 views, 3 is preferable.


How long is your turnaround?

Turnaround is roughly 2-3 months for fursuit commissions. Smaller part orders may have a shorter wait time.

Cow fursuit costume cosplay
Horse fursuit costume cosplay
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