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Feline Tail- MADE TO ORDER

Please be aware this time is made to order, turnaround time is roughtly  4-5 weeks not including shipping time!


You are looking my large handmade, faux-fur feline tails! Made out of high-quality fur this tailv measures approximately 27" feet long. They are lightly stuffed to ensure that it is easy to wear, carry and that it bends easily and naturally while being worn. It attaches to a belt via two elastic loops at the base(belt not included).


This tail has been machine sewn out of 100% artificial faux fur. It is stuffed using soft and fluffy polyfil stuffing. That means it can easily be squished down for easy packing and storage without damaging it! I regularly use vacuum storage bags on my tails when traveling to cons. A quick brushing and a few good shakes make them look good as new. Squishing them for short periods of time(Up to several days!) will not damage them! (Storing them for extended periods of time in a vacuum bag or other tight spot does run the risk of crimping the fur though.)


Care info: If your tail starts to look disheveled gently brush the fibers out using a standard dog brush. This will untangle the fur and make it look brand new!


If your tail gets dirty, wash on delicate in cold water. Tumble dry low or hang dry(recommended). Make sure to brush the fur while drying to make sure it doesn't crimp or wave. 


Interested in a color combo thats not shown? Contact us with the colors you're looking for and we can make a custom!

Feline Tail- MADE TO ORDER


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