How To Order

Here at West's Custom Creations we make the process of ordering your new fursuit as simple as we can! Below are the steps you should take to prepare for and expect as you plan for your new suit!

Step one: Concept Art

First off, we need to know what to make! With the exception of Artistic Freedom commissions(where you let us design your suit) we require concept art of your project with a minimum of 2 views. 3 is preferred but not required. Please make sure your reference sheet is up to date with your characters current markings and any other relevant information. We use your concept art to accurately quote your project. If there are missing markings or features it could result in fees down the line to add them. 

Step Two: Get a quote!

This step is easy, check our home page to see if we are open for quotes! If we are, follow the steps listed to receive your quote. If we aren't open don't worry! Our turnaround times are short which means the time between openings is short as well. Hang in there, we'll be open again soon!

Step Three: Secure Your Slot!

This is the most important step, securing your slot! Once you have your quote all you have to do is get your payment ready and wait for opening day! All info about openings will be posted/linked on our home page. Make sure you have read through that thoroughly before we open to ensure you are prepared. Also make sure you have read through our terms of service which has info on payments, cancellations and other policies! 

Step Four: Celebrate, you have a slot!

Yay, you nabbed a slot and you're getting a new suit, time to sit back with a nice cold one and celebrate!

Alright, celebrations over but the fun's just begun! Once your slot is secure and payment has been received we will contact your about any necessary info we need to get started. These include things such as shoe size, hand and head measurements and anything else we need to ensure your suit fits to the T. If you have commissioned a fullsuit we will also provide you with the address in which to send your Duct Tape Dummy. 

Step Five: The Wait

This is the least fun step of them all, the wait. While we do take a limited number of orders at a time to keep a fast turnaround we aren't Amazon. There will be a wait time between when your slot is secured and when we will start your order. During this wait time we are ordering materials, waiting for client info or dummies, and working our way through our queue. A link to our queue can be found on our home page as well and is updated frequently so you can track our progress!

Step Six: The Built!

The time has come for work to begin! We will be in regular contact during this phase as we work to bring your critter to life. Regular WIP(Work in Progress) pictures will be sent so you can see and approve of the progress. This helps minimize the likelihood of miscommunication and keeps us from making mistakes along the line(we are human afterall!) Once the suit is done and you have approved it we will snap some pictures and pack them up to head home!

Final Step: Waiting For The Mail Man!

Your suit is finished, packed up and ready to be on its way! At this stage we will calculate shipping based on your suits final weight, size and destination. Once shipping is paid your suit will be on its way! If you find that something doesn't fit or is amiss once you get your suit please contact us right away! We strive to provide the highest quality product we can but we are human, if there is something wrong please let us know and we can help fix the situation! All of our suits come with a 6 month warranty, all info can be found on our Terms of Service Page.